Advanced Map

Advanced Map is a tool working on top of on-line maps adding advanced features by using a software layer. Basically this tool is a browser showing maps (Internet connection is required) in the background and managing a layer on top synchronized with the map longitude and latitude coordinates. Over this layer it will be possible to manage custom markers with a lot of information. Infinite number of layers and markers can be added. Very useful for manage various points in travel planning or organize info about your preferred places in the world.

Currently this tool use Google online maps but new maps provider like Bing or Yahoo will be added in the next versions. From main interface is possible to search for street address or major attractions. A list or search result will be showed and selection one a marker will appear in the map location.

Clicking over marker is possible to assign this location to some layer. Infinite number of layers are allowed. Additional information can be associated to a marker and showed though a balloon control.

Other controls like map zoom are available.