Thank you for your interest in FalsinSoft products. I developed these products in my free time and I hope it may be useful to other. If you need help, want report bugs or submit requests for new features you can use the support forum. I will try to reply as soon as I can. If you like my products and you think that my work has been useful for you, please, consider the possibility of a donation.

http://falsinsoft-software.blogspot.com/p/hardware-access-console.html http://falsinsoft-software.blogspot.com/p/svn-backup-tool.html http://falsinsoft-software.blogspot.com/p/cbz-maker-tool.html
Hardware Access Console SVN Backup Tool CBZ Maker Tool

http://falsinsoft-software.blogspot.com/p/jtool.html http://falsinsoft-software.blogspot.com/p/advanced-map.html
J-Tool Advanced Map